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2010-07-13 08:53:09 by silentrinity

well i just want to post the uncolored drawing i did! here!


thank god UAU

2010-05-26 07:01:00 by silentrinity

i got a summoned from the art portal! thank god! and sonik-Team!! thanks allot :D

heres a fan art :D

thank god UAU

happy halloween!!

2009-10-31 05:34:47 by silentrinity

hi everyone!!!

it's halloween already!! (tangina!!! malas!! walang net!!!!) <---- don't mind this O____O...

i won't be posting some of my drawings for awhile because we lost our connection in our computer

and you will be wondering how i posted this????

well the very least i think i'll be posting some of my new drawings

in the end of november >____>

damn!!!! i wish can post my last drawing for this month.. this suck! >:(

oh well.. happy halloween newgrounds!!! see you all in christmas :D

hi guys!!

2009-10-23 22:40:09 by silentrinity

hi everyone thanks for voting and commenting on my drawings this past months and i want to thank some of the people who PM me thanks allot ^^ so back to work!!!!!!!!!!